Squirrel Butter – Special Online Concert

Feb 05, 2022 (Sat) - Feb 08, 2022 (Tue) / 7:00 pm
Buy Tickets here: https://knct.club/32SdHvs

Squirrel Butter, husband and wife duo of Charlie Beck & Charmaine Slaven, started performing together after meeting at a music festival in 2005.  Sharing a deep love of traditional music, they explore the genres of old-time, early bluegrass, blues, country, & cajun while adding their unique perspective to these traditions and threading these influences into their original compositions.  Multi-instrumentalists, they play banjo, guitar, fiddle, steel guitar, step-dance, and sing in harmony.

Charmaine and Charlie became central to the Seattle Old Time scene in their years here:  teaching, organizing events, and helping to  build  a thriving community of music and dance.  Earlier this year they moved to the other side of the country, when Charmaine accepted the post of Dance and Music Coordinator for the John C Campbell Folkschool in North Carolina. They are greatly missed!

We are delighted to present this special performance from the family’s new home. Following the specially recorded concert, Charmaine and Charlie will be on hand for a live (Zoom) reception.  The concert will be available to view on Konnectclub until 6:30 Tuesday night, Feb 8th (but tune into the “live” concert Saturday at 7 if you want to be able to participate in the Zoom reception. A link will be posted at the conclusion of the concert portion) Once you begin viewing the online recording, you will have 24 hours to complete your viewing.
Tickets are $20/household, with a $12 need-based discount and $30 “super supporter” level also available.

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