Privacy Policy

1) Membership information
Information regarding the names, addresses, and contact information for our members is strictly confidential and is not released to any organization outside of SFS without express consent of the member.  We do not share our mailing list with anyone. SFS activities may use membership list to verify discount eligibility.

2) Email and Telephone contacts.
All email to SFS, its officers and representatives is strictly confidential and the sole domain of SFS. It shall not be used for any purpose other than conducting SFS business in accordance with our bylaws and policies.

3) Attendance information
Attendance at our events is a private matter, and such lists are to be used solely to solicit future attendance at similar events sponsored by SFS. Camps may publish attendance lists for the attendees provided that they (1) allow attendees to “opt out” of the list and that (2) No attendee uses the list for mass distribution in any form notices unrelated to SFS activities i.e.: Like personal appearances, CD releases and the like. This restriction shall appear on every page of this type of list.

4) Distribution Lists
SFS may keep distribution lists for the purpose of informing members of a SFS group of events and related news. These lists are private and emails should be blind carbon copied (BCC) when sent. Whatever the form of the list, the means to opt out of the list should be known and honored. Any
use of the list counter to the purpose of the list is prohibited. Examples of these lists are the Song Circle reminder list, and the book club list.

5) Responsibilities of the Committees and the board Liaison
It is the responsibility of the board liaison for every activity to assurance adherence to these policies. This policy are to be referenced in the sponsorship policies.