Seattle Song Circle – Hosting

Hosting Guidance:  We do welcome new hosts to the Circle and ask that you attend a few times first so that people get a chance to know who you are, as well, so you get a chance to know the group.   Attendance varies from as few as 8 to almost two dozen.  You should have suitable seating for about a dozen people if you want to host,  including floor space.  A sign on the door helps people find you.  There is no requirement to supply anything more than water, and attendees often bring a bottle of wine or juice.  Some hosts make hot cider in the cooler months.

Your home should be relatively easy to find and able to accommodate 6-9 cars within a block or so.  A long bank of stairs may be problematic for some attendees, so be sure to point that out when offering.  That could constrain attendance.

Link to Song Circle here sign to post on your door

We are Seattle Song circle – but we do venture to Bellevue, Kirkland and even Burien on occasion.  Once a year in September, we venture out for a picnic, campfire and sing in Gig Harbor that is really special.

Selection criteria:  The location is based on early offers, with a preference to mix up locations around town on adjacent weeks.  Also hosts who have not hosted for awhile get preference.  I also try to avoid two locations away from the core of Seattle on consecutive weeks.

There are around five 5th Sundays per year and these are often potlucks, with a couple weeks notice.


If you  have questions about any of this, please email songcirc <at>