Virtual Sings during COVID-19

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Background: During the COVID-19  crisis that started late February 2020, musicians had to quickly convert from meeting and singing together to meeting online.  It was a true testament that for the most part, technology was here to support, not hinder the movement.  It is not possible to sing together due to overall delays, so the leader sings along and everyone else is muted at their end.  Zoom conferencing quickly became a leading way that people could continue to share music.

Facebook Influence. Musicians also did a number of livestreaming events using the Facebook platform.  The viewer need not be a Facebook user.   Other items that were ready included Venmo to allow viewers to pay for the viewing, or make a donation to a selected charity.  Many of these became recorded that allows viewing after the event. Special software for video authoring is needed, information is available on Facebook by looking up

Equipment needed: A webcam for a desktop or built-in camera on a tablet or laptop work fine. I recommend using a plug-in mic for better audio. A USB mixer (I use a Tascam) or USB mic (I use a Samson) really improve audio.  Headphones help if you can wear them.  Especially if they have a built-in mic.

Guidance for best Sound:   For Zoom version 5.2.2 or later (9/1/2020), use this document.  Note that Zoom does not update automatically, so we recommend you check monthly to see if there is a new version.  Newer versions have helped music quality.

Virtual Sings: 

Second Fridays: NW Seaport Shanty Sing Starting April 10th,  8PM Please check  NW Seaport:

Saturdays: Weekly Folk of the Round Table – Hosted by Matchstick Piehouse, London. 1PM Pacific time.

Saturdays: Portland Song Circle: 6:30 PM Link Here

Sundays: Seattle Song Circle 7PM. Link here:

Mondays 6-7PM  Beaverton Song Circle (Normally at the public library) send email to Kristin:  for Zoom sign-in

Mondays: Redmond (WA) Sing Along: 7-8 PM Songbook Link

Wednesdays:  Dusty Strings Gather and Sing – Noon Sing-Along: Songbook Link

Alternate Wednesdays:  7:30 PM Vancouver BC Song Circle via Zoom.  Info

2nd & 4th Thursday:   7 PM-  Bainbridge Island Singing Circle.  Zoom conference
Meeting ID: 833 3995 4919  Password: 962215

(new June) A calendar of more singarounds here

Boston Song Sessions:

This is only a list of ongoing circles, editing is too difficult to include one-time events.

Have another one to contribute?  Send an email to Bruce Baker at songcircle at